Playing for friends at Fox & Crow in Jersey City.


Performing upstairs at Snapdragon.


Groove on Grove 2019


Performing at Grace Van Vorst Church’s Annual Christmas Show in Jersey City.


Playing with friends at the Factory in Jersey City.


Photo shoot at undisclosed location in New York


Performing at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Greenville, Jersey City.


Performing at Harsimus Cemetery in Jersey City.


Performing at the Corkscrew Bar in Jersey City. Photo by Barbara Beeman.  


Facebook review of show at Liberty State Park Summerfest Concert Series.


Collage of various newspaper articles.
My mission statement.


Performing at Wells Fargo Loft in Jersey City.                                                                                                  
Performing at 10th Annual Grace Holiday Concert.


Performing at Hamilton Park BBQ Festival.                                                                                                           

Performing at Central Avenue Auto Show.