2017 Gigs

PJ Ryans Squared 1/14/17 (Jersey City)

Strong Place 1/19/17 (Brooklyn)

Maxwells (Backroom) 1/21/17 (Hoboken)

Maxwells (Front room) 2/4/17 (Hoboken)

Otto’s Shrunken Head (Johnny Cash Birthday Celebration) 2/24/17 (Manhattan)

Trend Coffee & Tea House 3/3/17 (Montclair)

Project Greenville 3/4/17 (Jersey City)

Maxwells (Front room) 3/8/17 (Hoboken)

Song Swap @Banjo Lisa’s 3/18/17 (South Orange)

Maxwells (Front room) 4/8/17 (Hoboken)

The Delancey (with Elvis Presley’s cousin) 4/12/17 (Manhattan)

Maxwells (Backroom) 4/22/17 (Hoboken)

Celebrate Mother Earth Festival 4/29/17 (The Historic Jersey City and Harsimus Cemetery)

PJ Ryans Squared 5/13/17 (Jersey City)

3nd Annual Central Avenue Auto and Music Show 5/20/17 (Jersey City)

Groove on Grove 5/24/16 (Jersey City)

Hudson Flea Pop Up 6/2/16 (Jersey City)

Leonard Gordon Park 6/10/16 (Jersey City)

The Box – Disruption @Jersey City Theater Center 6/16/17 (Jersey City)

Boulevard 6/24/17 (Elmwood Park)

Hoboken Hothouse 6/30/17 (Hoboken)

Forever Young Festival  7/22/17 (Montclair)

Trend Coffee & Tea House 8/4/17 (Montclair)

Music in the Park 8/6/17 (Riverview-Fisk Park Jersey City)

Lincoln Park Farmers Market 8/20/17 (Jersey City)

Project Greenville 9/9/17 (Jersey City)

The Hutton 9/16/17 (Jersey City)

8th Annual Hamilton Park BBQ Festival 9/23/17 (Jersey City)

Hoboken Fall Arts & Music Festival 9/24/17 (Hoboken)

Maxwells (Front room) 9/30/17 (Hoboken)

JCAST 2017 at the Barrow Mansion 10/14/17 (Jersey City)

Spaghetti Sessions at Fox & Crow 10/19/17 (Jersey City)

University Club Meeting@Salumeria Ercolano (guest speaker/performer) 10/26/17 (Jersey City)

The Knights 11/17/17 (Bayonne)

Bozzutostock 2017@The Hutton 11/18/17 (Jersey City) 

The Box – Fear Edition @Jersey City Theater Center 12/8/17 (Jersey City)

9th but actually 8th Annual Grace Holiday Concert 12/10/17 (Jersey City)

Xmas Musicalooza 2017 12/14/17 (Jersey City)

Buttero’s 12/15/17 (Bayonne)

The Parlour at Fox & Crow 12/16/17 (Jersey City)

Holiday Banding Concert Maxwells 12/17/17 (Hoboken)

Mezcal Kitchen 12/22/17 (Bayonne)