2013 Gigs

Brightside Tavern 1/10/13 (open mike- Jersey City)

Dorrian’s 1/11/13 (open mike- Jersey City) 

Brightside Tavern 1/17/13 (open mike- Jersey City)

Brightside Tavern 1/24/13 (open mike- Jersey City)

Dorrian’s 1/25/13 (artists showcase – Jersey City)

Brightside Tavern 2/07/13 (open mike- Jersey City)

Dorrian’s 2/22/13 (open mike- Jersey City)

Moore’s Place 3/1/13 (with Malcolm Marsden, Sea of Otters, Aminal – Jersey City)

Parkside Lounge 3/7/13 (Manhattan)

Goodbye Blue Monday 3/8/13 (Brooklyn)

Hank’s Saloon 3/14/13 (Brooklyn)

Trolley Car Bar & Grill 3/21/13 (with Kelly St. Partick, Nick Ciavatta, Gerald Lucas – Jersey City)

Zirzamin 3/28/13 (Manhattan)

Tierney’s Tavern 4/4/13 (open mike -Montclair NJ)

Otto’s Shrunken Head 4/18/13 (Manhattan)

Parkside Lounge 4/25/13 (Manhattan with Rick Eckerle)

Dorrian’s 4/26/13 (artists showcase – Jersey City)

Hank’s Saloon 5/9/13 (Brooklyn with Rick Eckerle)

Northern Soul Bar 5/16/13 (Hoboken)

Hank’s Saloon 5/23/13 (Brooklyn)

Hat City Kitchen 6/7/13 (Orange, NJ)

The Way Station 6/13/13 (Brooklyn)

Zirzamin 6/14/13 (Manhattan)

Branded Saloon 6/20/13 (Brooklyn)

Trolley Car Bar & Grill 7/3/13 (Open Mike)

Parkside Lounge 7/5/13 (Manhattan)

Otto’s Shrunken Head 7/19/13 (Manhattan)

Path Cafe 8/8/13 (open mike)

McGowan Park 8/14/13  (Ridgefield Park, NJ)

Trolley Car Bar & Grill 8/14/13 (Open Mike)

Northern Soul Bar 8/22/13 (Hoboken)

Otto’s Shrunken Head 8/29/13 (Manhattan)

Dorrian’s 8/30/13 (artists showcase – Jersey City)

Project Greenville 9/7/13  (Jersey City)

Montclair Classics Auto Show 9/15/13  

Parkside Lounge 9/19/13 (Manhattan)

The Way Station 9/27/13 (Brooklyn)

We The People – 2nd Annual Constitution Day Celebration 9/29/13 (The Historic Jersey City and Harsimus Cemetery)

The Sidewalk Cafe 9/29/13 (Manhattan)

Square Route I Artist Showcase 10/19/13 (Jersey City)

11th Street Bar 10/24/13 (Manhattan)

Mojo Lounge 10/25/13 (Jersey City)

Leftfield 11/1/13 (Manhattan)

Parkside Lounge 11/7/13 (Manhattan)

Dorrian’s 11/29/13 (artists showcase – Jersey City)

The Way Station 12/6/13 (Brooklyn)

Square Route Holiday Market 12/7/13 (Jersey City)

Manitoba’s 12/10/13 (Manhattan)

Brightside Tavern 12/12/13 (open mike- Jersey City)

Square Route Holiday Market 12/21/13 (Jersey City)

Otto’s Shrunken Head 12/27/13 (Manhattan)